Naturally every client wants to know what to expect during a beauty session.

Sessions typically last about 2 – 3 hours and this includes your hair and make-up pamper, woman to woman chat over some wine or a green tea and aromatherapy candles and then the actual shooting session.

Everything is very laid-back, relaxing, enjoyable and fun – definitely no harsh lighting, awkward uncomfortable posing, cumbersome gear or assistants.

I am a woman – but I also love cheese, wine, bread, macaroons and chocolates… enough said right ;). I know exactly what concerns you might have about a shoot like this…but all I ask you to do is to trust me. I have a gift for putting people at ease – making you feel relaxed, happy and confident and get the REAL YOU out, in the most gentle,natural and a little fun way… and as a result? Not only beautiful photos of you, but transformation – you feeling confident, feminine, beautiful and happy.

A beauty shoot should and can be done wherever your will feel most at ease. This could be your own home, my in home studio (with the options of beautiful private and secluded garden/meadow photos), hotel room or even a nice secluded spot outdoors like a beach, garden etc.

Really anywhere wit adequate lighting can be striking and as long as it’s “you” so to speak it will be perfect.

I am a woman, I know how you feel…

I have a sixth sense about when you are not feeling comfortable or feeling vulnerable, and I will do whatever is needed to alleviate any awkward feeling, unsureness or tension.

Champagne or wine (or even green tea) can do wonders for ambiance, but if that isn’t your thing, be assured that after the first few clicks and some gentle encouragement and me making a little fool of myself you will loosen up.

You can stay mostly under a sheet or pretty robe or your man’s shirt, but if you are daring enough you can go more risqué for gorgeous soft lacy lingerie.

There is no right or wrong – this is about you, for you and celebrating you so whatever you prefer or want will be perfect.

Once you book, you will receive a detailed welcome pack including all the information that you need to know along side many useful tips :).