– This is me –

Cheese addict and a big wine fan ;), who loves animals (especially dogs and horses), all things rustic, soulful and handmade and anything history (especially chateaux and castles) and epic adventures …

Most days you will find me working on my sofa, experimenting with essential oils and herbs (I partly grew up in the mountains), chilling with my hubby, taking photos or ‘outdoorsing’ (this must be a word) :), or just relaxing on the sofa with a good book, movie or my fav TV box set.

Free spirited, happy, hopeless romantic, and also a little sensitive (over sensitive as my hubby likes to say) and I  can be a little rebellious and a ‘dare devil’ sometimes ;).

Travel, nature and freedom are a must. I adore my sexy husband and my mummy who is my best friend (we Skype every day and the rest of my friends and family too.



This is me