Fun, relaxing and empowering experience.

YOU are beautiful inside and out.


We are all beautiful even if we don’t always see it or believe it ourselves.

We as women, let’s face it, are always doubting or second guessing ourselves. Whether we are good enough, skinny enough, talented enough, deserving enough…

It’s hard to get this; or even believe it at first – but YOU ARE ENOUGH… just the way you are (thank you Mr Darcy) And because I believe you are enough and to show you, I want to invite you to have a Simply You shoot and help you become confident and comfortable in your own body.

A Simply You shoot is not just about beautiful photographs – this is an amazing and empowering experience. Re-connecting YOU with the women inside. Re-discovering the true amazing YOU and celebrating it!

I am a woman (who loves cheese, wine, bread and macaroons), I get it! Very few of us are lingerie models or movie stars, but we are all unique and beautiful, imperfectly perfect… just the way we are…exactly the way the amazing nature made us.

Revealing your sensual self should be dreamy and feminine, never awkward or uncomfortable. I am a woman and I know exactly how you feel – you can trust me to artistically capture your inner and outer beauty through this empowering journey tailored uniquely to you. And you deserve a moment in the spotlight – to love ourselves and celebrate ourselves.

The real you – the way you are – right now!

I will help you, guide you and coach you to rediscover your femininity – to become confident and comfortable in your own body.

Rekindle the beauty within you, get in touch with your soul and spirit and celebrate being you…I will show you that you are enough! I want to make you feel good about yourself. Show you how beautiful you are, show you that you deserve some self love, appreciation and to be celebrated…

Celebrating femininity, being a woman, with our amazing mind and all our perfect imperfections.