– My calling –

My Why - The mission, purpose, calling...

I want to inspire and empower other women to be themselves, to love themselves and celebrate themselves – just the way they are. To know that they are enough and to dare to dream big and go for their dreams and the life that they want. Live their purpose and be happy.

For years I’ve been hiding, struggling with a lack of confidence, thinking I’m not good enough, with the wrong self-image and no time for self-love and appreciation. Until I realised that what we see around us comes from within.

So, I want to make you feel good about yourself. Show you how beautiful you are, show you that you deserve some self-love, appreciation and to be celebrated… I will show you that you are enough. Because no matter what you tell me, or what self-image you have in your mind, or what excuse you come up with, or what is that one reason in your mind that you keep on telling yourself – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL – just the way you are!

I know what concerns you might have about a shoot like this…but all I ask you to do is to trust me. I have a gift for putting people at ease – making you feel relaxed, happy and confident and get the REAL YOU out in the most gentle, natural and a little fun way… and as a result? Not only beautiful photos of you, but transformation – you feeling confident